A fresh breeze announces daybreak a moment before the morning sun enlightens the fields of maturing roses on the savannah.The sky is decorated with a few cotton-like clouds. This day’s  first roses are being harvested.

Every twenty minutes the newly cut roses are collected and brought to the warehouse cooler where they are put in water with nourishing flower food.

The savannah’s regnants s lazily keep and eye on the operation.

Our roses are produced in modern environment friendly facilities. Rainwater collection supply the thirsty roses and every drop in excess is taken care of and cleaned for re-use.

These rose plants are specially breeded to fit the east african climate. The high quality roses stand up between 40 and 60 cm, spanning all the colours of the rainbow.

At lunch the roses have gone  through the quality control to be bunched and rolled in protecting carton collars. Another sip of water before they are packed in boxes, stoved in the refrigerated truck, and off to the airport.

At the airport the boxes are unloaded in giant coolers for the check-in routines and pre-cooling. The temperature inside is fully under control as the boxes find their way into the cargo freighter soon taking off for the 9 hour flight to Holland.

At touch down in Amsterdam the roses are immediately taken care of and put in a refrigerated waiting hall. The temperature inside the boxes is once again measured and if needed the boxes get an extra  dose of cool air. When custom clearance is completed the journey continues in refrigerated trucks to the destination.

Next day the the boxes are welcomed with open strong arms.

The roses are unpacked to face the quality control before being cut and put in clean water with Chysal to ensure quality and vase life.

A random pick of bunches takes place for observation to be certain the roses fulfill our criterias of quality and all the expectations the consumer has on Roses With Names .

Later, the buckets with fresh roses continue the trip to the final sales points.

In the shop down the street or at your favourite florist, in  the supermarket or design store, there’s a bouquet from Roses With Names waiting for you to create harmony, joy, energy, romance and love.