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A fresh breeze announces daysbreak before the morning sun enlightens the fields of maturing roses on the savannah. The sky is decorated with a few cotton-like clouds. Thie first roses  of a new day are being harvested.

Every twenty minutes, the roses are collected and brought to the warehouse cooler to be put in water with nourishing flower food. 

The regents of the savannah lazily keep an eye on the operation.

Our roses are produced in modern environmental friendly facilities.  The precious water not taken up by the roots is collected and purified to be reused when the roses become thirsty again. In addition, all rainwater is channelled into ponds for use during the dry season.

A fter a meticolus quality control and selection.,

.the roses are ready to be bunched and rolled in protecting carton collars.

After another sip of water they are packed in boxes, stoved in a refrigerated truck, and off to the airport  where they are unloaded in giant coolers for check-in routines and pre-cooling. 

Then they find their way into the cargo freighter and take off for the destination.

On arrival the boxes are divided by colours and varieties.

Shortly after the roses are unpacked and getting ready for distribution to the sales points.

Random samples are taken for a quality test to ensure that the roses meet the requirements and all the expectations that our customers have for Roses With Names.

On the road again for the last piece of journey..

In your favourite flower shop down the street, in the supermarket, or  in the design store, there is a bouquet from Roses With Names waiting for you to create harmony,. joy,. energy, romance and love.

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